Christine (ladybutterfly74) wrote in coloradonatives,

Hi all ~

Another Colorado native here ~ I was born at Denver General Hospital and came home to a house in Littleton, which is where I spent the first 17 years of my life. Then I got married (yes, at 17) and my husband and I haven't ever lived more than 5 miles from the house I grew up in. My mom still lives in that house and I see her almost every day. She is also a native of Colorado. Then there are my kids and my husband. My kids are most defiantly natives, and the husband, well, he moved here when he was 10 so he calls himself a transplant. LOL My kids were born at University Hospital and Swedish Medical Center and have been raised in Littleton. We have never moved out of town and probably never will. We really like it here.
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Don't you ever wonder what's out there?
Sometimes.... As far as in-state I have some friends that are not in Littleton and I visit as often as I can, and as far as out of state, I have been to montanna, wyoming, texas, and las vegas to visit, but I am pretty happy being here. Maybe someday we will move away when our kids are grown, but for now we are good here.
That makes me sad :(
Why so?