These are my tombs painted black and blue (dismissthesky) wrote in coloradonatives,
These are my tombs painted black and blue

Talking about Celebrity gets me reminiscing...

Does anyone remember the name of the Showbiz/Chuck E Cheese knockoff that was over on (I think) South Broadway at one point? It was all arcade games and pizza with a greasy Italian mustache type theme, only it was a lot cheaper than Chuck E Cheese and it had a lot better arcade games. I remember I had my 10th birthday there, which would have put it at 1990 and it was so good/cheap that my parents ordered the pizza directly for the following couple of years.

Also on the subject of nostalgia and places that don't exist anymore, does anyone else remember wasting weekends at that giant arcade that was in the same strip mall as Casa Bonita? I want to say it was called Hollywood or something, and you bought credits or time on a magnetic strip credit card type thing.

I fondly remember the time that my brother's friend found a manager's debug card in the parking lot that not only had unlimited credits but was also exempt from the cancelling existing credits from machine to machine loophole. We'd go in groups of 4 and swipe the card 30 times at a machine, hand it off to a friend that went to another machine and just keep doing this all night. Then we'd go to the Hamburger Stand down the road where my brother's douchebag friends worked since it was quarter Tuesday and get $20 worth of quarter hamburgers and subsequently lose them in the snow drift growing in our freezer.
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